make money online in Kenya

Make Money Online in Kenya

Make 50k+ Monthly Online in Kenya with Etsy

Are you tired of reading countless articles on how to make money online in Kenya? Well, you’re in the right place.

The method I’m about to teach you guys can be implemented by anyone in Kenya. This involves buying good handcrafted items locally and reselling the same on an online marketplace known as Etsy.

We all have had about the famous Maasai market at some point in our lives. This is where I personally get my “stock”. Simple wristbands and key-chains sell for as little as ksh40 and the same is resold on Etsy at a whooping US$5 (ksh.500), This is 1250% profit on just one item. Checkout the screenshot below


Make money Online in Kenya selling on Etsy
Screenshot of Items sold on Etsy

How much do those maasai’s sell their sandals and belts again? Imagine buying that leather belt at ksh500 and reselling it online to a mzungu in the US or UK for 32 dollars only. That’s like 600% profit. Ivo tu!!!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, kyondos on etsy are selling for as high as US$70 (Yes, that’s 7k. kyondo 7k)

Personally, I’ve been selling stuff there as a side hustle for around 3 years now. There are some challenges that you will face as a new vendor, which i faced and eventually overcame.

I learnt through my own experience and decided to put up this simple website to share this knowledge with you guys.

I’ve put together a short 3 page PDF guide to get you through the challenges listed below

  • Where to get  quality things to sell online? (Wazungus are very sensitive to quality)
  • How to know what is on demand on Etsy. (Not everything sells, You need to choose your products wisely)
  • How will you send your items to them? (Cost effective ways of sending stuff)
  • How to make your items visible on etsy. (Being a new vendor you will definitely face really tough competition from those who’ve been selling for years. They already have built huge customer networks)

When you solve the problems I’ve listed above you’ll be on the right path to make money online in Kenya making 50k plus monthly on a side hustle that requires less than 5k to start. Heck, you can even make it your full time thing if you feel confident enough.

My guide goes for an affordable ksh300 only (that’s US$3 Only). Remember, this is my 3 years experience I’m willing to give to you for this small amount. You will hit the ground running with this kind of knowledge.

To get this guide, contact me via whatsapp by clicking the large whatsapp icon below.

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